Morton Returns as Bucs Blank Red Sox

Sep 19, 2014 by

It was one of those night’s when everything that could go right for Pittsburgh did in fact go right, resulting in a 4-0 victory over...

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Padres Rude House Guests Once Again

Aug 11, 2014 by

We should have expected no less than this from the Padres, who seem to arrive every August like a plague of locusts flying over PNC...

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Pirates Beat Rockies Behind Morton and Mercer

Jul 22, 2014 by

Is it really better to be more lucky than good? The Pirates were pretty good in Saturday’s game against the Rockies, but if Jared...

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Pirates Occupy Bases, Lose to Cardinals

Jul 8, 2014 by

The Pirates threw a party on the bases at Busch Stadium in St. Louis last night. They served tacos and pizza, and there was an open...

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Game Notes – Pirates Beat Snakes 5-1

Jul 4, 2014 by

Charlie Morton looked like he was going to have a quick night, having thrown 46 pitches in the first two innings. Half of these...

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